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JoelsmugThe following photographs were taken during the fall of 1998 in Johnson, Cedar, and Linn counties, Iowa, with my Olympus cameras and a variety of lenses, some Zuikos (Olympus brand), some others as noted. During the fall I experimented with Fuji Superia 400 print film and tried out two new (well, used) zoom lenses, the Tokina SZ-X 60-300/f4 and Sigma 21-35/f3.5-4.2. Both are represented in the photographs below. All cameras were tripod-mounted unless otherwise indicated.

The Fuji Superia 400 film was a pleasure to use both in the camera and in my film scanner, the Nikon Coolscan II LS-20e. By no means a state-of-the-art scanner, the Coolscan II nevertheless produces a fairly flat scan with this film that is easily adjusted for contrast and saturation in Photoshop.

If you click on "Old Maple I" and make sure that your monitor is adjusted so that there is detail in the foreground shadowy area (leaves on the ground are shadowy but still visible and a path discernible), the photographs will appear as good as they're gonna. I'm partial to verticals, which is a bit of a pain on the WWW. I could size them down to fit on the screen better, but then I'm not happy with all that "white space." Happy scrolling!

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Hiking Trail, Linder Point, Coralville Lake Recreation Area, Johnson County, Iowa
Maple Leaves
Hiking Path, Palisades-Kepler State Park, Linn County
Sumac I: sumac in a color transition, Sugarbottom Recreation Area, Johnson County
Hiking Trail, Linder Point, Coralville Lake Recreation Area
Old Maple I
Old Maple II
Sumac II: Linder Point, Coralville Lake Recreation Area
Stairs, Palisades-Kepler State Park, Linn County
Red Maple Leaf
Sunrise through ground fog, rural Cedar county